Create MySQL Database & User From cPanel

In this tutorial we will be creating MySQL database and give all the privileges to a user. In cPanel interface, the easiest way to do it is using ‘MySQL® Database Wizard

How to create Database & User in cPanel?

  • Login to cPanel control panel with the credentials you got from your host.
  • Then search ‘Database‘ in the search bar or scroll down a little bit to find the option below.
  • Click on ‘MySQL® Database Wizard

  • On the next page, type the database name you wish to use. In this tutorial I created as ‘dbname

  • Then type the database user name and give it a strong password. If you can’t think of a hard password then simply generate one as like as the below screenshot.

  • After setting the password, the next step is to at the user to the database and give it required privileges. Most of the applications need all the privileges to work properly, so you can just click on ‘All Privileges.’

  • Done your database & user creation is complete.

On the success message you can see the database name and database user. You have to use this on your application.

Database informations needed to connect to your application

  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Database password
  • Server host name or IP

If your website is hosted on the same server then you can use localhost as your server name. Alternatively if the database and file server is different than you should specify database server’s IP on your application.

That’s all for now. Hope it’ll work for you. Comment below if you face any issues 😉

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