Disable brute force attack notification on DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin has a brute force monitor feature which alerts by email every admin for brute force attacks when brute force assaults are detected. This kind of alert may be quite annoying, because it may happen that you get hundreds or thousands of them.

Disable brute force Emails from DirectAdmin panel

Sometimes your inbox might get full of the Brute force notifications.

To stop receiving such mails. Simply go to Notification section on DirectAdmin > Click on Options.

Tick off the option to E-mail e copy of all messages.

You can also set it to Automatically delete messages older than a specific number of days.

How to turn off brute force notifications on DirectAdmin?

If you want to stop messages from being sent out but keep the IPs blacklisted, set hide brute force notifications=1 in your directadmin.conf file. However there’s no such option on DirectAdmin panel to do such changes. Simple way to do it is using SSH.

  • Login to your server via SSH as root user.
  • Run the following command
echo "hide_brute_force_notifications=1" >> /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf
  • Then restart your DirectAdmin service using the following command.
service directadmin restart


This is all for today! Please leave a comment below if you were able to stop Brute force notifications from your server!

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