Install Litespeed on DirectAdmin server | Explained

LiteSpeed is a high-performance web server that is used instead of Apache. It is very popular due to the fact that it performs better than NGINX but it has the same compatibility as Apache. LiteSpeed offers good performance without having to do any special configuration.

This guide will teach you how to install Litespeed webserver in DirectAdmin instance and convert your DirectAdmin Apache server to an optimized high-performance DirectAdmin + LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server.

Prepare Litespeed License

First of all, get a Litespeed license. Visit the LiteSpeed store to obtain a license that suits your need. You can get a Free Starter License if you are planning to host only a single domain and have a server with less than 2GB RAM. There’s also a trial option available for 15 days. You can choose any option and proceed further.

How to install Litespeed in DirectAdmin?

The process is simple and quite straightforward. Login to your DirectAdmin server via SSH and run the following command with your serial key if you bought a premium License. In my case, it’s ‘119w-fTfw-QSGu-ZFMt’  so the command will look like 👇️

bash <( curl ) 119w-fTfw-QSGu-ZFMt

And if you want to try the trial version, the command will be follows.

bash <( curl ) TRIAL
  • After running the command, it will ask you whether you want to proceed the installer or not. So simply type y and Enter
  • Then you can select the default PHP version for your server, in my case I would type 7.4 and continue. If you have a special requirement of PHP version, you are free to choose any.
  • In the next step, you can select second, third or more versions, or simply press Enter to skip those.

It will take some time.

Once the SSH installation completes, login to your DirectAdmin panel and go to Custom Build and select Edit Options.

Scroll down a little and find the WEB Server Settings section.

Make sure you have litespeed selected as the webserver.

In the PHP Settings section, select lsphp as the php mode for all of your php versions. Make sure you hit save after the modification.

It should be already configured if your SSH installation gone well.

Well done!

The installation should be completed if you fulfilled all the above steps correctly. To verify the installation, go to System Information interface and find if LiteSpeedHttpd is running.

I hope the above guides work for your purpose.

If you face any issues, simply comment down below. Thanks for reading the article.

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